Enterprise Drone Automation Platform

Businesses rely on FlytBase platform to build & deploy fully automated and cloud-connected commercial drone applications at scale.

drone automation platform

Scalable. Secure. Reliable

World’s first Internet of Drones Platform

Designed for the widest hardware compatibility and interoperability, users can build apps with the drones & hardware of their choice. The stable APIs & SDKs abstract drone complexities, allowing developers with no prior drone expertise to get started with ease.

Unified Drone APIs to Build Custom Apps

Develop production-ready commercial drone applications using the language of your choice to prototype ideas quickly- on the single unified API-powered platform. Build solutions faster with the help of detailed API documentation, drone simulators, and tutorials.

Hardware Agnostic

Seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf (like DJI) or custom drones based on PX4 and Ardupilot & various payloads via the unified set of FlytAPIs.

Virtual Drones

Test & run your drone applications in a simulated environment without risking the expensive hardware or compromising on safety of resources.

Battle-tested reliability

Highly scalable, FlytAPIs operate with 99.9% + uptime. The platform is secured by token-based authentication and end-to-end encryption.

FlytAPIs have enabled us to accelerate the development of our product, by providing us with a robust platform with ready-to-use capabilities, like streaming live-video at ultra-low latency from a drone, live telemetry, and control of the fleet of drones. Most importantly, the various safety and security features, fail-safe mechanisms and alerts offered by FlytAPIs ensure that our operations are always safe, secure and reliable.“

Margot Eiran,
Chief Business Officer, NatureEye

Expand your drone operations with third-party software

FlytAPIs enable easy integration to your existing software & systems to help you incorporate necessary external workflows that is non-negotiable for your business.

3rd Party Integrations

Software Built on FlytBase Platform

Power autonomy to your drone operations in security, asset inspection, work progress monitoring or drone deliveries by using the ready-to-use software solutions built on the battle-tested FlytBase platform.

FlytNow Drone-in-a-Box Software

The Complete Drone-in-a-Box Automation Software

Drone software

An intuitive cloud-connected software to connect & control the fleet of drones & docking stations of your choice to conduct repeatable, pre-scheduled & autonomous drone operations.

Remote Operations

“FlytNow is the optimal solution for our demanding drone-in-a-box requirements, providing our customers an easy Human Machine Interface (HMI), for fast and secure deployment of the drones. Our partnership with FlytBase has given us access to competence and technology that solves our customer’s complex tasks.”

Software to Power Drone Delivery System

Drone Delivery System

A cloud-connected software platform for managing your drone deliveries end to end to help you setup your on-demand delivery operations in a matter of days


“FlytZip has greatly reduced our time to market of our aerial delivery service. We were able to focus on the various operational aspects of our business by leveraging their software for drone delivery operations. Their customer support has been incredibly responsive.”

One Platform – Unlimited Drone Applications

Looking to build your own custom application? The cloud connectivity and various pre-built onboard intelligence modules provide all the essential building blocks for quickly assembling sophisticated drone applications.

Security & Surveillance

Survey & Mapping

Emergency Response


Asset Inspection


Warehouse Management

Mining & Metals

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Endorsed by 1000’s of developers across the world, FlytBase takes a technology-first approach to automate drone for hyper scalability

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