Episode 001
Deploying Autonomous Aerial Security Systems in Belgium

A conversation with Matteo Baronio

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Meet drone-thusiast and security expert, Matteo Baronio.

Matteo is the founder and CEO of Cybrid Thrust, a high-tech company that provides aerial systems with autonomous functions. Along with a dual degree in pure mathematics and security studies, he holds professional experience in the military and private sectors.

Before starting Cybrid Thrust, Matteo led the international business development and operations teams of a major robotics and drone manufacturing company. With his rich expertise in drones, sensors, automation, and other emergent technologies, he currently develops and advises solutions for international organizations, government agencies, and private industries looking to deploy security and industrial applications.

Watch Matteo share his journey from establishing a drone business in Belgium and solving the various challenges involved in delivering a cutting-edge turnkey aerial security solution to achieving complete drone automation.


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