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Why NestGen Community?

The future is undeniably autonomous; it is only a matter of when, not if! Docking stations, aka "nests", set the foundation for achieving full autonomy. And so we introduced NestGen a couple of years ago to spark more conversations focused on advancing the adoption of autonomous drones.

The NestGen community, too, will be just that - a space where drone autonomy frontiers can unite to share their learnings, insights, best-practices, technology, and resources and get inspired by the best in the industry. Together, we aim to collectively propel discussions to stay at the forefront of the evolving landscape of drone autonomy.

Early Access to Exclusive Events
Provides a remarkable chance to delve directly into the latest progress and inventive achievements that are defining tomorrow's standards
Unlocking drone autonomy-focused resources
Get early access to first hand information cutting-edge resources and tools
Collaborate and Network with global industry leaders
Foster professional growth, recognition & enhance relationships with industry leaders
Level-up your learning
Explore exclusive content tracks that provide a comprehensive view on the ever-evolving world of autonomous drones. Dive into sessions led by experts who are shaping this field.
Uncover latest products
Discover the latest hardware and software tech products that empower autonomous drone operations, addressing a wide range of factors crucial for achieving full autonomy.
Expand your network
The drone community comes together at NestGen. Connect with the key champions of the drone autonomy industry, engage in insightful discussions and share best practices.

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