Autonomous Drone Hackathon

FlytCode, a FlytBase initiative

What is FlytCode?

As drones continue to find applications in a wide range of verticals, such as, industrial inspections, surveys, emergency response and delivery, there is a need for development of innovative software algorithms for automation of these missions. FlytCode is a drone hackathon designed to promote the development of such automated commercial drone applications.

FlytBase Internet of Drones (IoD) platform is made available to all participants. This includes, FlytSim, a drone application simulator, to help developers test and evaluate their applications in software, without any dependency on drone hardware. Various other tools, including, APIs and SDKs, are also made available to support in faster development of complex and powerful drone applications.

We hope that, through this event, the participants will get an opportunity to familiarise themselves with some of the challenging automation problems in the drones industry, explore various tools, and come up with interesting and exciting ideas to address these challenges. We wish them the best.

Developer Tools

FlytAPIs for Navigation, Telemetry, Payload

FlytAPIs are available in Python, ROS, C++, RESTful and websocket. They are designed to support a wide range of applications and complex scenarios. Build drone application for any vertical.

FlytSDK for developing Web and Mobile applications

Web/Mobile SDKs provide a framework for quick integration of drones with applications. Several templates and sample applications are available to help you get started.

FlytSIM Simulator

Test your drone applications using a powerful simulator without stepping outdoors. This significantly reduces the development time, and effort/cost of conducting flight tests.

Virtual Drone

Drone simulator on cloud. Safe, secure and reliable way to test drone application and accelerate drone development

Recent Hackathon

FlytBase was proud to sponsor the event with other industry leaders such as Facebook, Trimble, MD5, Verizon, etc. As part of being the sponsors for the hackathon, participants were provided free access to our following resources.

Wish to conduct FlytCode at your college/event? Write to us.