Enterprise-grade Data Security and Compliance

Enterprise users worldwide trust FlytBase to safeguard their drone docks and data.
FlytBase Shield provides multi-layer protection at the edge, on the cloud, on-premise, or via an air-gapped system. FlytBase cyber security experts make your IT compliance and cyber security assessments swift and easy.
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FlytBase Security Architecture

How FlytBase Shield keeps your data secure

With multiple layers of protection that includes secure data transfer, encryption, network configuration, and application-level controls, FlytBase platform is designed with security in mind. We also use tools to help us enforce compliance with our internal security policies.

Compliances and Certifications

FlytBase complies with essential industry standards, privacy laws, and certifications.

Data protection

Data isolation

Each user's data in FlytBase is securely separated and accessible only to authorized users.

Data encryption

FlytBase encrypts data at rest and in transit using AES-256 and TLS 1.2 protocols, respectively.

Recovery and Redundancy

Operational data is stored across multiple secure locations with continuous replication and backups

Network security

Firewalls on all communication channels to prevent unauthorized access, restrict malicious attackers, and block communication with any unauthorised servers.

Application security

Vulnerability Assessment

Regular third-party vulnerability assessments are performed to identify and resolve security threats and weaknesses.

Penetration Testing

FlytBase undergoes application and its underlying infra penetration tests by independent security specialists.

Development Standards

FlytBase adheres to the coding standards set by the OWASP and incorporates Static Application Security Testing (SAST).

IT compliance and support 

CIS, NIST frameworks followed to ensure compliance with industry-agreed cybersecurity standards. FlytBase experts provide on-demand support to meet IT compliance requirements for enterprises.

Identity and User Management

Secure Authentication

Secure user authorization with OAuth 2.0 including web server & client-side scenarios.

Roles and Permissions

Role-based access control (RBAC) are offered for different kinds of dashboard users (admin, operator, viewer).

Incident Response & Monitoring

Proactive measures for detecting, managing, and swiftly responding to security incidents in real time.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Two-factor (2FA) based account authentication with Google and Microsoft

Data Privacy


FlytBase is committed to handling all customer and employee personal data in line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have integrated all required measures and processes for personal data security, as per GDPR standards, into our systems.

Need additional security?

FlytBase offers flexible deployment options, including the option to operate on a separately managed AWS environment with physical isolation from the shared infrastructure of our multi-tenant cloud offering, giving an additional layer of security and privacy.

Flexible Deployment Options


FlytBase Cloud provides cost-effective access with enterprise-level security. It complies with SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, and GDPR standards, and enables integration with private cloud storage.

In-country Cloud

Deploy FlytBase in your own country’s cloud to ensure compliance with data residency norms, data security, & the ability for customers to integrate with their preferred applications.


Self-host FlytBase on a private server for highly secure & confidential projects. Meet cyber security compliance requirements and have complete control over your drone data.


FlytBase Air-Gapped operates offline, isolated from external networks, ensuring data security. Ideal for sensitive applications that require maximum protection.

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We understand how critical it is to keep your drone data confidential and secure.  We would be happy to work closely with your operations and security teams to address any data security concerns.

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