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The FlytBase App Library equips enterprise drone teams to create applications that help improve your autonomous drone operations workflows, provide better business insights, expand functionality, and bring innovations to market.

Partner with us to create the future of drone autonomy


Reduce Time
to Market

Build on top of FlytBase with easy API access. Focus on specific workflows rather than building from scratch.


Easily Integrate with FlytBase Tech Stack

Develop automated workflows or apps tailored to your customer’s needs for max impact.


Build Private or
Public Apps

Generate revenue from businesses who use your app or build for just one enterprise client.

Who should build apps on FlytBase?

Drone Solution Providers

You specialize in integrating appropriate hardware & software into an end-to-end solution to serve enterprise customers in specific industries, in targeted geographies, for well-defined use-cases.

Docking Station Makers

You specialize in manufacturing & selling reliable, commercial-grade drone in a box hardware which can be integrated with FlytBase SDK and off-the-shelf or custom drones for enterprise deployments.

Featured apps

One appstore. Endless
application possibilities.

Domain experts can connect their custom app into the FlytBase underlying DiaB autonomy stack and leverage the power of the platform for a wide range of industries.


Security & Surveillance

survey and mapping

Survey & Mapping

Emergency response

Emergency Response



Asset Inspection


Mining & metals

Mining &


FlytBase APIs have enabled us to accelerate the development of our product, by providing us with a robust platform with ready-to-use capabilities, like streaming live-video at ultra-low latency from a drone, live telemetry, and control of the fleet of drones. Most importantly, the various safety and security features, fail-safe mechanisms and alerts offered by FlytBase APIs ensure that our operations are always safe, secure and reliable.“

Margot Eiran,
Chief Business Officer, NatureEye

Margot Eiran
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