Connecting drones with your business has never been so easy

We provide access to a set of APIs to connect your business applications with drones securely.

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FlytBase API


APIs to simplify your drone operations

Unified API

Reduce development time and hassle with our unified set of APIs for onboard, cloud, and web/mobile applications.

Easy Implementation

Our APIs abstract the drone complexities, allowing developers with no prior drone expertise to get started easily.

Virtual Drones

With the help of virtual drones, you can test your drone applications without risking any real hardware.

Enterprise Scalability

Integrate your drone application the way you want by meeting the complex requirements of your organization.

Platform Agnostic solution

Hardware Agnostic APIs

Wide compatibility

We have done the heavy lifting to make sure businesses can integrate different off-the-shelf drones (like DJI) and even custom drones based on PX4 and Ardupilot without compatibility issues.

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Virtual Drone

Safe application testing

Build and scale your drone applications without compromising on the safety of your drones. Test them in a simulated environment using our virtual drone feature.

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Search and Rescue operations

Build Apps

Build your own customised drone application easily on a developer trusted platform

Navigation API

Payload API

Vehicle Setup API

Command & Control API

Telemetry API

Video Streaming API

Gimbal Control API

Mission Planning API

Build Apps

Critical APIs for automated drone operations

Geofence API


Allows the setting of a virtual boundary for drones.

Collission Avoidance API

Collision Avoidance

Allows drones to navigate around obstacles.


Drone-in-a-box control & telemetry

Allows integration with Drone-in-a-Box hardware and giving commands of launch and land remotely.

Precision Lnading API

Precision Landing

Enables drones to land precisely on a machine-generated tag.

Features in a nutshell

Rapid Deployment

Develop and deploy complex drone applications a lot faster.

Complete Platform

A platform designed for the widest compatibility and scalability.

Tried and Tested

Our platform is used by 10000+ users worldwide.


All our API endpoints are secure, following best practices.

Priority Support

We will make sure you have the smoothest experience with us.

Detailed Documentation

Never get stuck.Troubleshoot problems easily using our documentation.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with 3rd party hardware & software

Our robust APIs increase the capabilities of FlytBase so you can create an ecosystem that suits your business needs.

# create flyt_python navigation class instance
from flyt_python import api
drone = api.navigation()

# wait for interface to initialize

# takeoff over current location

#include <cpp_api/navigation_bridge.h>

Navigation nav;

var msgdata={};
type: “POST”,
dataType: “json”,
data: JSON.stringify(msgdata),
url: “http:///ros//navigation/take_off”,
success: function(data){

var takeoff = new ROSLIB.Service({
ros : ros,
name : ‘//navigation/take_off’,
serviceType : ‘core_api/TakeOff’
});var request = new ROSLIB.ServiceRequest({
takeoff_alt: 5.00
});takeoff.callService(request, function(result) {
console.log(‘Result for service call on ‘
+ ‘: ‘
+ result.success
+’: ‘
+ result.message);

rosservice call /flytos/navigation/take_off “takeoff_alt: 3.0”

Drone navigation under 10 lines of code

FlytBase is helping developers, with no prior drone expertise, to start building custom drone applications in no time. All the complexities of drones are abstracted out in the form of easy-to-use, intuitive APIs.

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The alliance with FlytBase has helped us in powering Airscort’s sophisticated drone-in-a-box platform to achieve full autonomy. By leveraging FlytNow’s stable software platform with intelligent edge and cloud modules, we have enabled users to conduct complete aerial surveillance missions without the need to be on-site

Itai Straus
Co-Founder, Airscort

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