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Conduct fully automated and routine drone operations by leveraging Hextronics rapid-refueling battery-swapping drone dock series, with low-cost off-the-shelf drones alongside exciting addons built for automated mobile deployments!

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Founded by engineers, Hextronics aims to enable aerial autonomy by developing efficient and cost-effective drone stations. Through robotic battery replacement, the station maximizes uptime, reduces battery maintenance, and ensures there is always a drone ready to go. Through rigorous engineering and design, the weatherproof station has minimal weight and size for easy installation.
DJI Dock

Hextronics Atlas M300

An air-conditioned, weatherproof, and climate-controlled robust docking station with a downtime of less than 4 minutes, advanced battery swapping mechanism with a lifespan of 2000+ cycles, allowing operations in extreme environments.

Compatible Drones:


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DJI Dock Features
DJI Dock

Hextronics Global Advanced

A smart, lightweight, and affordable battery-swapping drone dock with a rugged, waterproof design (IP66) that is ideal for a variety of outdoor environments and applications

Compatible Drones:

DJI Mavic 2 Series

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DJI Dock Features



One of the first vehicle-mountable pick-up truck drone charging stations to enable mobility for automated deployments.
compatible with – Hextronics Global Advanced & Hextronics Atlas 300.

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FlytBase and its superpowers

Conduct fully autonomous drone operations using solutions with minimal human intervention.

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Drone in a box Solution


Complete DJI Dock Automation Software

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Advanced Video Management

View live video feeds from multiple drones on a single dashboard and securely share them with team members and stakeholders.

Multi Camera feed

Mission Scheduler

Schedule and plan missions in advance, repeat missions as needed. Set waypoints or corridor actions for the flight path and make modifications in real-time.

Schedule Mission with FlytNow Dashboard

Drone & Docking Station Control

View real-time drone and docking station telemetry and control the dock's HVAC remotely based on geography.

Drone & Docking station Control

Intrusion Detection

Detect intruders and instantaneously receive an alert on the FlytBase dashboard in the event of a breach.

Intrusion Detection

Deployed around the globe

Customers have placed their trust in Hextronics and FlytBase to automate repeatable patrols for a variety of use-cases.

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Firnas Aero


Saudi Arabia

Firnas Aero provides autonomous drone solutions for a wide range of applications including inspections & surveillance.




SKTShutterAero provides aerial solutions for several industries such as mining, agriculture & construction.

Drone Patrol


South Africa

Drone Patrol has been using Hextronics Global to prevent crimes and save lives.

Ultimate Guide to Drone Autonomy

This comprehensive guide covers everything from determining the use case and selecting appropriate hardware, to setting up a remote command center and implementing FlytBase; a cloud-based, enterprise-grade software solution that fully automates aerial data collection workflows.
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Ultimate Guide to drone autonomy

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Deep Dive into Hextronics Global

Curtis Lary, the founder and CEO of Hextronics, explains all you need to know about the Hextronics Global Advanced.

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