Asset Inspection

Autonomous Asset Inspections with Drone Dock Software

Autonomously inspect critical asset infrastructure with drone fleets and docking stations. Schedule missions, trigger on-demand flights, and remotely monitor visual data from your command center using the FlytBase platform.

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Automate Site Security

Take the leap like the industry leaders

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Take the leap like the industry leaders

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Why use FlytBase for Asset Inspection?

Infrastructure asset management is challenging due to its remote locations, high costs, worksite safety risks, and maintenance efficiency. Autonomous drone-in-a-box systems enable efficient, safe, and data-driven inspections and maintenance without the need to be present on site.


A bird’s eye view of your site.

Pipeline Inspection

Conduct routine pipeline inspections to detect ROW encroachment or gas leaks. Integrate with acoustic systems to autonomously launch drones from their drone docks in response to alerts.

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Substation Inspection

Prevent equipment malfunction, increase efficiency, and save on labor costs by conducting preventative, regular drone inspections of power substations and transmission/distribution lines.

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Solar Panel Inspection

Optimize solar panel maintenance with scheduled inspections, security patrols, and thermal data collection for proactive fault detection. Efficiently monitor construction progress and plant performance.

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Power Plant Inspections

Efficiently inspect critical equipment like docks, tanks, chimneys, high-voltage towers, and boilers through periodic, planned, or triggered inspections for optimal asset functionality and safety.

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Discover your new superpowers

Intelligent and collaborative features on a single dashboard

Advanced Video Management

View live video feeds from multiple drones on a single dashboard and securely share them with team members and stakeholders.

Multi Camera feed

Mission Scheduler

Schedule and plan missions in advance, repeat missions as needed. Set waypoints or corridor actions for the flight path and make modifications in real-time.

Schedule Mission with FlytNow Dashboard

Drone & Docking Station Control

View real-time drone and docking station telemetry and control the dock's HVAC remotely based on geography.

Drone & Docking station Control

Intrusion Detection

Detect intruders and instantaneously receive an alert on the FlytBase dashboard in the event of a breach.

Intrusion Detection

Trusted by drone industry leaders worldwide

Torbjørn Bøe
Nicolas Ackermann
“FlytBase's drone video feed over 4G/LTE helps SBB teams quickly monitor railway infrastructure and make informed decisions during emergencies. This improves operational efficiency."
Delali Dagodzo
"FlytBase helps us enable autonomous applications like perimeter surveillance, emergency response inspections, control operations, and much more."
Elia Ray Salem
Elia Ray Salem
"FlytBase's UI is intuitive and user-friendly, with high-level software and customization options. It adds value to BVLOS operations for any application."
Tariq Nasraldeen
“Thanks to FlytBase, we have deployed several use cases for environmental inspections, construction monitoring, regular surveillance and much more, smoothly and effortlessly.”
Firnas Aero

Trusted by drone industry leaders worldwide

"We wanted to optimize inspection routes at the Genelba power plant since the area was too large for inspectors to cover in a single shift. We decided to employ the FlytBase-powered autonomous drone-in-a-box solution due to its superior unattended flight technology and affordable price. The FlytBase customer success team has been dedicated to resolving customer issues. They are aware of industry developments, are attentive to their customer's needs, and capable of handling challenges."

Marcelo Lopez
Project Manager, Pampa Energía


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