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Build & deploy fully automated and cloud-connected commercial drone applications at scale - with the hardware, software & workflow of your choice – from a single powerful & connected drone platform.

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The platform architecture

FlytBase IoD platform has been designed to address the unique challenges, presented by the emergence of connected intelligent drones, that need to be deployed at scale.

The building blocks

FlytBase provides all the necessary building blocks to help developers quickly assemble complex drone applications. We have done the heavy lifting to provide compatibility & interoperability with different off-the-shelf drones, multiple payloads, and docking stations so that businesses that run on FlytBase don’t have to.


FlytEdge provides the intelligence on the edge, along with providing an abstraction layer over hardware, and interface to a wide-range of payloads. Variety of plugins are available to further enhance its capabilities, based on the application of interest.


FlytCloud provides real-time access to control, telemetry and video/payload data from your drone fleet, over a secure and reliable interface. AI-engine and integrations with various 3rd party services, allow further extension of its capabilities.

Why choose FlytBase platform?

Reliability & Safety

Companies of all sizes rely on FlytBase for industry-leading uptime and performance of their drone operations. We continually deploy improvements to our platform, which handles critical API requests every day.

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Fault Tolerance

The system automatically redirects traffic to one of the multiple backup servers as soon as it detects faults.

Active Monitoring

The system constantly monitors 24*7 to ensure the faults are identified in time & addressed.

Incident Response

A carefully drafted strategy to ensure issues that are identified are alleviated in a timely manner.

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Security & compliance

We aim to provide the highest compliance and security standards. Our security architecture is designed to protect at data, access, and infrastructure level.

FlytBase secures data between customer applications via token-based authentication and supports TLS 1.2 encryption. It follows industry-standard practices to ensure data is appropriately stored, processed, and handled by our people, systems and technology.

Unified drone APIs to build custom apps

Develop production-ready commercial drone applications using the language of your choice to prototype ideas quickly- on the single unified API-powered platform. Build solutions faster with the help of detailed API documentation, drone simulators, and tutorials.

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Drone API

Hardware Agnostic

Seamlessly integrate off-the-shelf (like DJI) or custom drones based on PX4 and Ardupilot & various payloads via the unified set of FlytAPIs.

Virtual Drones

Test & run your drone applications in a simulated environment without risking the expensive hardware or compromising on safety of resources.

Battle-tested reliability

Highly scalable, FlytAPIs operate with 99.9% + uptime. The platform is secured by token-based authentication and end-to-end encryption.

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Thousands of drone developers trust FlytBase from around the world

FlytBase is becoming an obvious choice to build commercial drone applications.

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With expert guidance, detailed documentation and prioritized support from our in-house team of experts, get started with building your custom drone application in a matter of weeks.

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