Why FlytBase

#1 Drone charging station software solution trusted by service providers

Automate Data Acquisition

Eliminate manual collection of site data. Deploy automatic drone charging stations for routine inspection operations. View, record, and share live HD footage effortlessly.

Increase Efficiency & ROI

Remove blindspots and surveil hard-to-reach areas. Detect failures in real time to reduce maintenance costs and prevent frequent shutdowns.

Shorten Response Time

Dispatch autonomous drones to a specific location in response to an alarm. Proactively mitigate emergencies and increase personnel safety with drone docks.


Deep Dive into FlytBase

Dashboard showing Real-Time Situational Awareness

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Receive instantaneous video updates to always stay in the know. Detect malfunctions preemptively. Improve decision-making and eliminate operational delays.

  • Stream HD video feed at ultra-low latency

    Integrate thermal camera for enhanced visibility

    Record and archive captured video data

    Securely share live feed with guest users

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Plan & Schedule Automated Patrols

Deploy & monitor multiple drones simultaneously. Eliminate human error. Conduct repeatable missions with minimal human intervention.

  • Manage a hybrid fleet of drones

    Execute multiple waypoint missions

    Configure individual waypoint actions

    Schedule routine missions on calendar view

    Retrieve and view previous mission logs

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Dashboard showing Plan & Schedule Automated Patrols
Dashboard showing Expedited Incident Response

Expedited Incident Response

Dispatch your drones to the affected site to increase personnel safety. Control drone & payload remotely with an on-screen joypad, keyboard, or joystick.

  • Send drones to specified GPS coordinates on-demand

    Set advanced geofences to demarcate no-fly zones

    Broadcast audio messages over the drone speaker

    Enhance nighttime visibility via onboard spotlights

    Configure multiple failsafes to improve drone safety

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Precision Landing

FlytBase’s Precision Landing module utilizes computer-vision technology to align and land your drone onto the drone station autonomously.

  • Achieve 99.99% reliability for drone landings

    Perform landings during the day and night

    Eliminate the use of additional hardware

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Dashboard showing Precision Landing
Dashboard Showing Docking Station Control & Telemetry

Docking Station Control & Telemetry

FlytBase allows you to automate your drone dock operations and perform remote configuration. Integrate your drone nests with your fleet to receive data seamlessly over 5G/4G/LTE.

  • Trigger open/close & charging actions remotely

    View charging status or perform battery swapping

    Integrate stationary cameras to monitor the drone hangar

    View live data relayed from the onboard weather station

    Leverage weather data to perform pre-flight checks

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Get the integration that’s right for you

FlytBase provides varied software integrations, such as VMSes for intruder detection and UTMs for airspace awareness, based on your specific geographical and business requirements.

software Integrations in FlytNow

Deployment Options

Choose from three secure options to deploy your drone program

Multi Tenant

FlytBase Managed

The default FlytBase option, completely managed by us. Get started in minutes!

Private Cloud

Customer Managed

Deploy FlytBase on your private cloud instance, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

On Premise

Customer Managed

Deploy FlytBase on your private local server to enable secure drone operations.