Make your DJI Dock 2 Enterprise Ready with FlytBase

Date: 11th April  11 AM CT

Curious about how to implement fully automated enterprise workflows with the DJI Dock 2? Join us for this upcoming webinar with DJI as we explore what’s new in the DJI Dock 2 and discover how FlytBase facilitates the deployment of secure, automated drone operations for enterprise applications.

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DJI Dock 2 is expected to reshape the remote, uncrewed operations of several industries engaged in mapping, surveying, inspections, and emergency response. Seamlessly integrating with the DJI Dock 2, FlytBase offers a comprehensive solution with complete flight automation, fleet management, flight safety protocols, and robust data security measures, ensuring efficient drone operations.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  1. An overview of the DJI Dock 2 features and capabilities.
  2. Essential factors to consider before deploying Dock 2.
  3. Automating secure docked drone operations with DJI Dock 2 using FlytBase.
  4. Future of DJI Dock 2 with FlytBase for applications like mapping, surveying, and more.
  5. Live Q&A
Charles Jiang
Solutions Engineer, DJI Enterprise, NA
Achal Negi
Director of Business Development, FlytBase
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