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Deploy fully automated, secure docked drone operations for enterprise applications with DJI Dock and FlytBase.

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DJI Dock

A rugged and reliable drone charging station with a total charging time of just 25 minutes, the DJI docking station is designed to conduct operations 24x 7 in all weather conditions whether stormy or extremely sunny as it supports active temperature control for fast charging and drone safety.

Compatible Drones: Matrice 30, Matrice 30T
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Why use FlytBase with DJI Dock

Enhance the capabilities of DJI Dock with the help of FlytBase

FlytBase's integration with DJI Dock offers key features like streamlined workflow, automated flights, fleet management, flight safety, and data security for optimized drone operations.

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Need additional security?

FlytBase provides Enterprise Data Security and Compliance for DJI Dock while prioritizing data security by adhering to leading data protection standards.

Flexible Deployment Options

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FlytBase Cloud provides cost-effective access with enterprise-level security. It complies with SOC2 Type II, ISO27001, and GDPR standards, and enables integration with private cloud storage.


Self-host FlytBase on an in-country cloud or private server for highly secure & confidential projects. Meet cyber security compliance requirements and have complete control over your drone data.


FlytBase Air-gapped operates offline, isolated from external networks, ensuring data security. Ideal for sensitive applications that require maximum protection.

In-country Cloud

Deploy FlytBase in your own country’s cloud to ensure compliance with data residency norms, data security, & the ability for customers to integrate with their preferred applications.


A bird’s eye view of your site.

Drones as First Responder

Set up DJI Dock for first responders, ensuring situational awareness and remote operation control.

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Power Grid Inspections

The drone can be equipped with various sensors, such as thermal cameras and LiDAR sensors, to inspect power lines for damage or vegetation growth.

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Security and surveillance

Automatically monitor site progress with real-time video capture at your construction and mining sites.

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Solar Inspections

Conduct detailed inspections of solar panels, power grids, and other critical infrastructure with high precision.

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Flight safety integrations

Intelligent and collaborative features on a single dashboard


In case of system failure, FlytBase integrates with a parachute recovery system and ensures its automatic deployment for a safe drone landing.

Detect & Avoid

Instantly detect intrusions on the FlytBase dashboard with real-time data on intrusive aircraft, including live telemetry and location.


Get real-time alerts on conflicts with nearby ADS-B-equipped aircraft, ensuring safer autonomous drone operations in complex airspace.

Uncrewed Traffic Management

FlytBase integrates with UTM service providers for real-time airspace awareness, ensuring legal compliance, and preventing drone interference with crewed aircraft.

Flinks & Automation Engine for DJI Dock

Unlock the power of Flinks (FlytBase Links) for drone docks along with DJI Dock. Seamlessly integrate the FlytBase platform with your preferred apps, devices, and modules using Flinks. Efficiently automate your drone operations with the Automation Engine. Create diverse automation flows using triggers and actions to reduce manual effort and enhance efficiency.

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