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A hardware agnostic, enterprise-grade software platform designed for autonomous, BVLOS, safe and reliable operations with data security at its core.


Comprehensive drone autonomy platform curated for dock operations with pay-as-you-go pricing


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Remote Ops Center (ROC) software
Standard Support
10,000 VVM (Video Viewer Minutes)
One-time per organisation
5GB Cloud Storage
Supports DJI Dock, DJI Dock 2
Additional VVMs available at $259 / 10,000 VVM
Additional storage available at $549 / 500 GB / Year


Most powerful and secure drone autonomy platform with integrations and automations for enterprises

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Enterprise Grade Data Security with FlytBase Shield
Enterprise Support
150,000 VVM (Video Viewer Minutes)
per dock/year
500GB Cloud Storage
Talk to us for other docking station options
Additional VVMs available at $259 / 10,000 VVM
Additional VVMs available at $259 / 10,000 VVM
Trusted by leading enterprises & system integrators across the globe

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Linear waypoint mission planner
Live mission recording
Mapping grid mission planner
Corridor mission planner
Configurable waypoint actions & behavior
Mission calendar
Smart waypoint selection
Mission tags

Site management
Device management
Remote firmware upgrades
Remote device log downloads

Organization setup
Role-based access control
Team huddle
Guest share
Map annotations

Remote drone & dock controls
Manual drone control
Drone speed control
Send drone to geolocation
Xbox/PS5/Thrustmaster joystick Control
Keyboard & mouse control
Map Tap-to-go
Video Tap-to-go (Rangefinder required)
Panorama Capture

Live HD video feed with Ultrasync
Video recording & image capture
Video & image gallery with advanced filters
Multi-cam viewComing soon

Remote gimbal and camera zoom controls
Remote live thermal/IR camera feed & controls
Thermal temperature measurement (max/min)
Split-screen view with zoom and thermal feed
Live FPV camera video feed*
Remote loudspeaker control
Remote spotlight control
Camera settings (focus, aperture, etc.)
Pre-defined payload presets
Drag and move gimbal
Rangefinder - Show range and altitude
Rangefinder - Tap to create map annotation from Rangefinder

Custom pre-flight checklist
Collision avoidance
Circular & polygon geofence
Configurable failsafes (GCS, LTE, PL)
No Fly Zones - 2D (NFZ)
Max Flight Zones (MFZ)
AirSense - Airspace Threat Alerts
Airspace Threat Alert Mitigation Suggestions (GTSA)
Airspace Deconfliction - Tactical Alert system

Base 3D global map (may not be supported in some regions)
Import and overlay custom 2D & 3D map layers
Map Overlay Controls

Mission playback
Sharable PDF reports

Data Processing
Uncrewed Traffic Management
Mission & Logs
Detect and Avoid
Live Streaming

Make your docked drone operations enterprise ready

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Looking for on-premise deployment options?

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In-country cloud
Hybrid on-prem

Keeping your drone-captured data secure

Looking for on-premise deployment options?

contact sales
In-country cloud
Hybrid on-prem

Keeping your drone-captured data secure

Trusted by drone industry leaders worldwide

Gabriel Zhang
FlytBase’s commitment to regulatory compliance simplifies the complexities of navigating airspace regulations, facilitating a smoother and legally compliant workflow.
Chris Fink, CEO, UVT
We require on-premise deployment for the dock in our region in the US. Here where FlytBase really shines with thorough research and different deployments options.
Reinis Purvens, CEO, Raw Tech
When integrating DJI Dock, we needed a strong and reliable software. This is where FlytBase came in, just name the thing you want to do and FlytBase is here for us.
Marcelo Lopez, Project Manager
We employed FlytBase powered autonomous drone-in-a-box solution due to its superior unattended flight technology & affordable price.


Can I get a free trial of FlytBase?

Yes, our starter pack starts at US$0 per dock. If you wish to get started, reach out to our team here.

What are the payment options available?

Most credit cards can be used to purchase the platform. All bills will be generated in US dollars.

What are Video Viewer Minutes and how are they calculated?

Video Viewer Minutes are live streaming minutes utilised per viewer (E.g: 20 min video feed streaming to 3 users will lead to utilization of 20*3 = 60 VVMs).

What are the recommended drones for FlytBase?

FlytBase is compatible with all major DJI drones as well as PX4/Ardupilot-based drones. The DJI Matrice 3D series, Mavic 3 Enterprise series, Mavic 3 Multispectral, Matrice 300 RTK, Matrice 350 RTK and Matrice 30 series are supported.

How many docking stations can be added to the starter plan?

You may add an unlimited number of docking stations, but they must be limited to a single site.

What is the billing cycle of FlytBase?

All subscriptions are billed annually. For any special requests, please contact us here.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by reaching out to us at

Are there any video usage limitations for FlytBase?

FlytBase Starter plan includes video viewer minutes of up to 10,000 minutes limited to one time per organization, while the enterprise plan includes 150,000 minutes per dock per year.

Are multiple docking stations supported?

Yes, FlytBase is a hardware-agnostic platform which supports docking stations like DJI Dock and Dock 2, Heisha D50, D135, D80, the Hextronics Atlas, Universal and IDIPLOYER IDI Dock S. Contact sales if you want integrations with any other modular docking stations.

What are the supported payloads?

FlytBase is compatible with the DJI Zenmuse H20, H20T and H20N. Alongside, the AVSS PRS M300, M350, the DRS M300, CZI LP12 M30, PHASEONE iXM-100, OGI 640 & the VENTUS OGI  series are also supported in the enterprise plan.

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