Opening Keynote | NestGen 2023

Watch Nitin Gupta, Founder & CEO of FlytBase, Achal Negi, Director of BD, Dhiraj Dhule, Director of Products, Freda Peng, Global Solutions Engineering Director, DJI and David Benowitz, Head of Research, Drone Analyst share their vision for the drone autonomy industry.
Achal Negi
Dhiraj Dhule
Freda Peng
Nitin Gupta
David Benowitz

Unlocking Automated Drone Operations with DJI Dock and Cloud API

Take an in-depth look at DJI Dock, the much-anticipated rugged, reliable, weather controlled drone charging dock for their DJI M30 series.
Grant Hosticka
Flora Yang

Scaling BVLOS Drone Capabilities through Robust Connectivity Infrastructure

Find out why cellular technology, as opposed to RF datalinks and Satcom techniques, is the best solution for BVLOS drone operations.
Yoav Amitai

BVLOS Operations in the Next Decade: What to Expect in 2033

A thought leadership discussion with top CXOs in the drone industry to discuss their outlook on drone autonomy in the future.
Jackie Dujmovic
Jason San Souci (M)
Glen Lynch
John Vernon

Enhancing Mining Efficiency through the Combination of Drone Autonomy and AI

Learn how drone autonomy and AI in mines improve efficiency and safety by automating repeatable missions and generating real-time insights.
Christopher Clark

Built for BVLOS: Volatus Aerospace's AERIEPORT

Check out the drone-agnostic, rugged, and reliable docking station designed to withstand extreme temperatures and 24*7 remote flight ops.
Pedram Nowroozi

Heisha DCap Pro

Heisha will present a vehicle-mounted, thin-structured, user-friendly drone docking solution for autonomous drone flights from any vehicle.
James Penn

Detect and Avoid Tech: A Critical Element for BVLOS Waiver Success?

Should detecting cooperative & non-cooperative aircrafts within your operational range be essential for BVLOS ops? Attend the session to find out.
Daniel O’Shea

IDIPLOYER - Nexus Plus

Weather-proof, affordable, fast charging with improved positioning, the IDIPLOYER Nexus Plus drone charging station is ready to be unveiled.
No items found.

Drone Autonomy in Power Generation: Setting up for Success and ROI

Attend this session to learn how energy orgs can generate a higher ROI by reducing inspection times and increasing inspection frequencies.
Kevin Toderel
Grant Hosticka

Air Risk Mitigations - Challenges and Opportunities for Autonomous BVLOS Operations

Learn how drone operators can mitigate air risk of BVLOS operations by using professional live air traffic detection system & coverage data.
Olivier Le Lann

Global BVLOS Regulations: How to Navigate through the Maze

Experts from EU, US, and Canada to provide a snapshot of how regulations in those countries are evolving and how you can navigate the maze!
Karin Hollerbach (M)
Jason San Souci (M)
Pedram Nowroozi
Jon Damush

Safety Drone Shield: Empowering First Response Teams with Drone-in-a-Box Grid

Using a combination of drone docking stations, AI, and a private 5G network, learn how emergency first response teams can be more efficient.
Hans Similon

Power of Modularity in Streamlining Drone Delivery Operations

Learn how critical it is to leverage the power of an entire ecosystem of complementary technologies to scale drone delivery operations.
Ian Annase
Ryan Walsh
Evan Hertafeld
Achal Negi

Elevating Utility Inspections with Automated Drone-in-a-Box Technology

Want to receive better insights and maintenance reports on your utilities -- more frequently and safely? Attend Marcus' session for more.
Marcus Jackson

Extending the Reach: The Necessity of ADS-B and C2 Network for BVLOS Flights

Discover at this session why effective communication and surveillance capabilities are essential for safe and secure BVLOS flight ops.
Joe Gibbs

Maximizing BVLOS Flight Safety with Micro-Weather Services

Learn why integrating weather intelligence to your BVLOS flights is necessary to streamline operations, reduce safety risks & avoid unnecessary costs.
No items found.

Security Operations in the Drone-in-a-Box Era

Find out several new ways that autonomous drone tech are improving situational awareness and security operations efficiency.
Marcelo Musselli

UTM & the Future of Automated Skies

Watch Philip talk about how uncrewed traffic can be safely incorporated into manned airspace, allowing for subsequent commercial advantages.
Philip Binks

Ensuring Drone Flight Safety: The Role of Parachute Recovery Systems

Learn how parachutes safeguard people and & minimize property damage by ensuring a safe descent of drone in the event of a system failure.
Andreas Ploier

The Expanding Role of Drone Docks: Applications and Advancements

Join a panel of experts to learn how different geographies are implementing drone docks, what the challenges are, and what the future holds.
Steve O'Callaghan
Nicola Marietti
Kwame Ansong

CounterDrone - OmniDock

Explore the all-new OmniDock - a drone-agnostic, weatherproof, and climate-controlled charging station for your drone(s).
Shaun Jafarian

Hive Droneport

Check out Hive Droneport - a fully automated drone station with robotic auto-swap battery capabilities for 24*7 operations with DJI M300.
Nikolay Ryashin

Hextronics - Atlas & Universal

Take a deep-dive into the Hextronics Dock series, including their latest Universal drone station, which is compatible with 4+ drone models.
No items found.

ADPM - Aviorym

ADPM will be showcasing AVIORYM, their latest drone docking station with quick charging capability and a pre-integrated weather station.
Luca Brizzi

LTE: A Critical Component for Enabling BVLOS Drone Operations

Extending the operating range of your favorite DJI drone would be critical for long-range BVLOS ops. Join the session to learn how LTE module helps.
Divy Shrivastava

Transforming Construction Management with Automated Drone Technology and Digital Twin Platforms

Learn how a blend of automated data collection & processing could make construction project management more efficient & cost-effective.
Peter Park

Bridging the Gap to BVLOS Adoption with Enterprise-Ready Software

How to remove the complexities of managing multiple UIs for BVLOS drone ops? Enterprise Ready Software could be the answer. Attend to learn.
Havish Bychapur
Amogh Bhagwat

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