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Introducing FlytBase On-premises: Secure and Controlled Drone Automation for Enterprises and Government Organizations

Explore FlytBase's secure drone operations with On-premises deployment options, including air-gapped configurations for maximum data security.

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June 5, 2024

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As drone technology becomes increasingly adopted across industries, the need for secure and customizable deployment options is more critical than ever. Data security and access control are non-negotiable for enterprises and government organizations. 

At FlytBase, we understand the importance of data security and operational control. We recognize that, when dealing with sensitive data and operations, a solution that prioritizes control and customization is essential. That's why we are excited to introduce our On-premises deployment option, designed to provide maximum security, access control, and flexibility for drone automation needs.

FlytBase On-premises solution is designed to provide maximum security and control over your data and drone operations. By deploying FlytBase within your organization's infrastructure, you can ensure that your data is stored securely and remains under your control.

For organizations requiring the highest level of security, we offer an Airgapped configuration. In this setup, the FlytBase platform runs on a dedicated cluster of computers, completely isolated from the internet, providing an additional layer of protection for your sensitive data and operations.

The Need for On-premises Deployments: Solving Real-World Challenges

Consider a scenario where drones and docks are connected to the public internet, raising concerns about unauthorized access to critical data. It's a legitimate concern that keeps many organizations on high alert.

However, data security is not the only issue at hand. Organizations also require full control over who can access and manage their drone operations. Unauthorized access to drones or docks can have severe consequences.

These concerns are not merely theoretical. Enterprises and government agencies are prime targets for cyber attacks, and even a small vulnerability can lead to significant repercussions. For example, a data breach at an oil & gas company could compromise critical infrastructure like oil rigs, resulting in devastating consequences.

It's no surprise that the demand for On-premises deployments is growing globally. In the Middle East, On-premises is often a prerequisite for adopting drone technology. In Europe, organizations typically prefer to keep their photos, videos, and streaming data on-premises, while other data can reside in the cloud.

How FlytBase's On-Premises Deployment Works

FlytBase's On-premises deployment offers the perfect balance between data security and operational efficiency. This solution ensures data isolation and privacy, tailored to your organization's network setup. Media storage and video streaming are securely stored on your private server, accessible only through secure links. The system allows limited internet access for real-time drone control and authentication through your private cloud, keeping your data protected while still enabling essential drone operations.

The FlytBase dashboard and docking station will communicate exclusively with this private server for all video and media-related tasks, ensuring that data remains under the organization's control.

The only compromise is that some advanced dashboard features, such as thumbnail generation and media export, may not be available. However, for many organizations, the enhanced security is well worth the trade-off.

Airgapped Deployments with Zero Internet Access

An airgapped deployment involves running the FlytBase platform on a dedicated cluster of computers, completely isolated from the internet. This configuration ensures that data and operations remain strictly within the organization's private network, providing the highest level of security and control.

Despite being offline, the FlytBase platform is fully equipped with all necessary features, including video streaming, map layers, media storage, license management, and authentication. All components work seamlessly together, allowing organizations to focus on their drone operations without compromising on functionality.

Key Features and Advantages: Why FlytBase On-Premises Stands Out

FlytBase's On-premise deployment options come with a range of features and advantages that make it a compelling choice for organizations looking to secure their drone operations and data. Let's explore some of the key benefits in more detail.

Operational Access Management

FlytBase On-premises provides full control over who can access and manage drone operations. Granular access controls and user permissions allow organizations to define roles and set limits on user actions.

Whether managing access for a small team or a large organization, FlytBase simplifies the process of ensuring that only authorized personnel can interact with drones and data.

Customization and Integration

FlytBase On-premises is designed to be highly customizable and integrable with existing systems and workflows. The open architecture and APIs enable organizations to build custom applications on top of FlytBase, while customization options allow tailoring the solution to specific needs.

Whether integrating with existing security systems or developing bespoke functionality, FlytBase provides the flexibility needed to create a drone solution that works seamlessly with an organization's requirements.

Data Security and Control

FlytBase On-premises puts organizations in complete control of their data. With the Airgapped deployment option, data is kept entirely within the organization's private network, ensuring it never touches the internet.

For those who choose the default deployment option, sensitive media and streaming data can be stored on a private server, accessible only through a secure network connection.

FlytBase enables organizations to maintain strict control over their data, providing peace of mind knowing that sensitive information is safe and secure.

Way ahead

As drone technology continues to shape industries and organizations around the world, the need for secure and controlled deployment options has never been more important. 

With FlytBase On-premises, organizations are in control when it comes to data security and access. The flexible platform allows for customization and integration to perfectly fit an organization's unique needs. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes managing drone operations a seamless experience. For organizations seeking a secure, controlled, and flexible drone solution, FlytBase On-premises is the ideal choice.

For those interested in FlytBase On-premises, can reach out to our experts here:

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