Looking for a DJI FlightHub2 Alternative for Enterprise Remote Drone Ops?

Meet FlytBase, an enterprise drone autonomy software platform. Conduct BVLOS drone operations remotely from a central command center, minimizing human intervention and seamlessly integrating drones into your existing business workflows.

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FlytBase dashboard with autonomous missions running

Top 5 Reasons how FlytBase is different than FlightHub 2

01 BVLOS-ready

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Regulatory authorities including FAA, BCAA, JCAB, CAAM, ANAC, and GCAA have granted approval to our partners to conduct BVLOS drone operations with FlytBase. The platform also ensures flight safety for BVLOS ops with failsafes, data logging, and seamless integration with detect & avoid systems, UTM, ADS-B, and more.

02 Apps & Integrations

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Get access to FlytBase APIs, integrate custom apps for dock deployment, and deliver tailored data analytics to clients. Seamlessly integrate third-party apps for specialized functions through the FlytBase app drawer.Enhance operational efficiency by integrating with your existing ERP, VMS, and alarm systems using FlytBase's modular architecture.

03 Data Security & Compliance

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The FlytBase platform prioritizes security through multiple layers of protection, including secure data transfer, encryption, network configuration, and application-level controls. FlytBase employs tools to ensure compliance with their internal security policies - is GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified and currently undergoing the SOC 2 compliance audit.

04 Reliable & Scalable

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FlytBase's architecture is built for scale – enabling seamless management of a single drone to hybrid and distributed fleets of drones and docking stations. Its redundant nodes ensure peak reliability, with parallel systems vigilantly monitoring drone and docking operations. Automated fault detection and backup servers maintain seamless operations around the clock.

05 Enterprise Customer Support & Success

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FlytBase prioritizes your success by offering smooth implementation support and real-time troubleshooting, to ensure scalable & reliable drone operations. Your growth is supported by a committed Customer Success Manager, personalized guidance, onboarding, training, certifications, and professional consulting. You'd also receive quick assistance via phone, chat, and priority email.
Scalable and Reliable

Advanced features to always
stay in the know

Plan missions with ease such as corridors for assets like pipelines, grid missions for mapping, or linear waypoint ones for patrols.
Device Management Dashboard
Manage and monitor your fleets of hybrid drones and docking stations; view their telemetry - all from a single dashboard.
View live HD/thermal drone feeds, CCTV feeds mounted in facilities, and drone dock camera feeds in ultra-low latency.
Payload Control Dashboard
Remotely operate all payloads including the camera gimbal, speakers, and spotlight from the cloud-connected dashboard.
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