"For industries such as public safety, energy, utilities, and commercial security, FlytBase stands out for its versatility. You can deploy it locally, monitor it, and collect data from anywhere in the world."

Chris Fink
CEO, Unmanned Vehicle Technologies

“We require on-premises offering for the dock deployments in our region in the UAE. Here is where FlytBase really shines with thorough research and different deployments options.”

Yahya Khaddam
Solutions Engineer, Advanced Media Trading

Why choose FlytBase for
on-premises deployments

Government agencies, critical infrastructure operators, and security-intensive enterprises prefer FlytBase’s on-premises offering to handle classified drone-captured data and stay compliant with IT requirements.

Secure drone data

Ensure the highest level of data protection by keeping sensitive operations and information within your premises.

Operational control

Gain full control over your drone operations infrastructure, ensuring compliance with strict security protocols.

Stay compliant 

Comply with government or industry regulations that may recommend avoiding public cloud solutions.

How on-premises deployments work

FlytBase's On-prem offering ensures data isolation and privacy, tailored to your network setup. Securely store and stream drone media on your private server, accessible via secure links. Limited internet access for real-time drone control and authentication through your private cloud keeps data protected.

Want zero access to the internet? Try FlytBase Airgapped

Deploy FlytBase in a fully air-gapped environment, completely isolated from external networks, to provide high levels of data security, availability, load balancing, and resource efficiency. Ideal for sensitive applications that require maximum protection.

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