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Introducing Flinks: Enable One-Click Integrations for Enterprise Drone Operations

One-click integration for your go-to apps & devices. Conduct safe, efficient, autonomous drone operations with Flinks by FlytBase.

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May 22, 2024

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Autonomous drones have become an essential tool for a wide range of critical operations - from security and emergency response to asset inspections and mapping. However, integrating autonomous drones into the existing enterprise stack remains a complex challenge.

This is where Flinks come in. Flinks are powerful connectors that enable one-click integration between FlytBase and a variety of third-party apps, devices, and modules used by enterprises. By acting as a unifying layer, Flinks allow organizations to fully automate their end-to-end drone operations. 

Bridging the Fragmentation in the Drone Ecosystem

The core idea behind Flinks is to address the fragmentation that has plagued the drone technology landscape. Enterprises often find themselves juggling multiple disconnected applications, each serving a specific purpose in the drone operation lifecycle. This lack of integration forces companies to rely on manual, error-prone processes, like flying drones on one platform while visualizing other aircraft on another, or manually transferring data from a drone's SD card for post-processing and analysis. 

Enterprises also use various internal systems, such as alarm or video management systems, to monitor operations and dispatch drones. The absence of seamless integration between these systems leads to inefficient operations and compromised safety.

Flinks change this by providing a centralized hub to connect FlytBase with a wide ecosystem of complementary tools. With just a few clicks, users can set up Flinks to automate key workflows - triggering a drone response to an alarm, automatically uploading aerial imagery to a data analytics platform, or streaming live video feeds into a security monitoring system. 

The real power of Flinks lies in their simplicity and flexibility. While we offer a growing library of prebuilt Flinks for common enterprise use cases, organizations can also build custom integrations using our extensive APIs and SDKs, without the need for complex development efforts.

Types of Flinks


Flinks enable seamless integration between the FlytBase drone platform and a variety of alarm systems, allowing automated drone responses to security events.

Alarms Flink

Data Processing

Flinks connects FlytBase to leading data processing and analytics platforms, enabling enterprises to seamlessly transfer and analyze drone-captured data.

Data Processing Flink

Live Streaming

Flinks allow enterprises to integrate drone video feeds directly into their existing video management systems, providing a unified, real-time view of operations.

Mission & Logs

Flinks integrates FlytBase with mission planning, resource management, and compliance logging tools, streamlining end-to-end drone fleet operations.

Detect & Avoid

Flinks connect FlytBase to detect-and-avoid systems and airspace management platforms, enabling compliant and safe beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone flights.


Flinks integrates FlytBase with leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) platforms, providing enterprises with real-time airspace data to support their drone operations.

UTM Flinks

Flinks in Action: Real-World Use Cases

Security: Automated Incident Response and Video Monitoring

In security-critical environments, Flinks enables enterprises to rapidly respond to alarm events by automatically dispatching drones to the incident location. The drone can then start recording video and stream the live feed to a centralized video management system (like Milestone, Genetec), giving security teams immediate situational awareness. Additionally, Flinks can integrate drone video with other security data sources, such as CCTV cameras, to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of the operational environment.

Public Safety: Streamlined Emergency Response and Notifications

For public safety agencies, Flinks can help streamline emergency response workflows. When a 911-equivalent call is received, Flinks can trigger a drone launch to the reported location, while simultaneously notifying relevant stakeholders and sending the live video feed to the command center. This rapid, coordinated response enables faster assessment of the situation and more effective deployment of ground resources.

Mining & Construction: Optimized Data Collection and Analytics Workflows

In industries like mining and construction, Flinks helps enterprises seamlessly integrate drone data capture and analysis into their existing workflows. For example, a construction site can use Flinks to automatically upload high-resolution aerial imagery from FlytBase to a platform like Pix4D, which can then generate detailed 3D models and reports to track project progress. Similarly, mining operations can leverage Flinks to feed drone-collected data directly into analysis tools like Strayos, enabling real-time monitoring of site conditions and productivity.

Ready-to-Use Flink Integrations

Data Flinks: Connecting to Leading Mapping, Modeling, and Analytics Platforms

Flinks provides a growing repository of pre-built integrations with leading data processing and analytics applications used by enterprises. With just a few clicks, users can connect FlytBase to platforms like DroneDeploy, Pix4D, Strayos, and Skyebrowse, enabling seamless transfer of high-resolution aerial imagery and sensor data for advanced 2D/3D modeling, surface reconstruction, and AI-powered analytics. This streamlines the entire data lifecycle, from capture to insights, without the need for manual intervention.

Alarms & VMS Flinks: Integrating Security and Surveillance Systems

For security-focused use cases, Flinks offers a comprehensive suite of integrations with alarm systems and video management software (VMS). Enterprises can easily connect FlytBase to platforms like Immix, Genetec, Milestone, and VideoXpert, allowing drones to be automatically dispatched in response to alarm triggers and their live video feeds to be displayed alongside other security camera footage. This provides security teams with a unified, real-time view of their operational environment.

BVLOS Flinks: Enabling Compliant and Autonomous Drone Flights

To support beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone operations, Flinks integrates FlytBase with a range of detect-and-avoid systems, UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) platforms, and flight termination solutions. This includes connections to OneSky, Altitude Angel, Involi, uAvionix, and specialized parachute providers. By linking FlytBase to these critical safety and airspace management systems, enterprises can ensure their drone programs remain compliant with regulatory requirements while unlocking the full potential of autonomous BVLOS flights.

Customizing Flinks for Your Needs

While our prebuilt Flinks cover a wide range of common enterprise use cases, we understand that every organization has unique requirements. That's why Flinks was designed with flexibility in mind, empowering you to create custom integrations tailored to your specific needs.

By leveraging the extensive FlytBase APIs and SDKs, your team can build bespoke Flinks that seamlessly connect our drone autonomy platform with your other business-critical applications - whether they're internal systems or third-party tools. Our developer-friendly resources make it easy to integrate FlytBase with virtually any software or hardware you use, unlocking endless possibilities for optimizing your drone operations.

Whether you need to trigger specific actions based on sensor data, sync mission plans, and flight logs, or automate complex multi-step workflows, the flexibility of Flinks ensures you can craft the perfect solution. The beauty of this approach is that you maintain full control over the integration, without having to rely on lengthy and costly custom development projects.

Flinks Partner Program

Interested in adding drone automation capabilities to your industry-focused software? Through this partnership, you can easily integrate FlytBase into your own applications, enabling your users to fully automate their drone workflows with just a few clicks.

Flinks allows you to expand your product offering without complex development efforts. We handle the technical integration, so you can focus on your core business.

To learn more about the Flinks Partner Program, contact us here.

Get started with Flinks today

Flinks are available to all FlytBase customers. You can leverage Flinks to integrate drone capabilities directly into your existing business applications and workflows.

For guidance on getting started with Flinks, check out the comprehensive documentation and tutorials here.

Ready to unlock the power of Flinks for your autonomous drone operations?

We'd love to hear how you're using Flinks to transform your workflows. Share your experience with us on Linkedin.

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