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DJI Dock 2 for Matrice 3D and 3DT Series

Remotely conduct autonomous drone missions with DJI Dock 2, tailored for diverse environments and weather conditions, ensuring operational excellence anytime, anywhere.

Technical Features

• Ingress Protection: IP55
• Weight: 34 kg
• Backup Battery: 5 Hours
• Operating Temperature: -25°C to 45°C
• Maintenance Interval: 6 Months
• Compatible Software: FlytBase, DJI FlightHub 2 
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Product Description

The DJI Dock 2, designed for the Matrice 3D and 3DT series, is a groundbreaking advancement in autonomous drone ops. This charging station is fully integrated with FlytBase, and facilitates automated and scheduled missions with remarkable efficiency.

With its compact and lightweight structure, weighing only 34 kg and being significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Dock 2 ensures easy transport and quick setup. It possesses an IP55 rating, guaranteeing resilience in adverse weather conditions, and is equipped with a durable backup battery capable of 5+ hours of operation during power failures.

Operational across a wide temperature range (-25°C to 45°C), the dock supports continuous 24/7 use. Compatible with drones having up to 50 minutes of flight time and a 10 km range, the Dock 2's RTK module further enhances precision landing. This makes it an essential asset for industries like surveying, security, and inspections.

DJI Dock 2 Specs

Ingress Protection: IP55

Backup Battery: 5 Hours

Weight: 34 kg

Charge time: 25 mins

Surge Protection: 20kA

Operating Temperature: -25°C to 45°C

Maintenance Interval: 6 Months

Operating Compatible Software: FlytBase, FlightHub 2

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A bird’s eye view of your site.

Infrastructure Inspections

Conduct detailed inspections of solar panels, power grids, and other critical infrastructures with high precision.

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Monitoring and Surveying

Gain a comprehensive perspective of your project sites, ideal for construction monitoring and land surveying.

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Security and surveillance

Deploy DJI Dock 2 for continuous surveillance, ensuring safety and security across various environments.

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Mining Operations

Utilize in mining sites for monitoring and managing operations, assessing terrain and equipment.

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What are the key features of DJI Dock 2?

DJI Dock 2 combines efficiency and durability in a portable, IP55-rated design with advanced RTK and seamless FlytBase integration, ensuring reliable, continuous operation in various conditions.

How much does DJI Dock 2 cost?

Contact us directly for the latest pricing details on DJI Dock 2, including any available bundle offers.

When will DJI Dock 2 be available?

DJI Dock 2 was officially launched in China on November 8th, 2023, with plans for release in other markets soon. Stay updated on DJI’s website and social channels for global availability.

What drones are compatible with DJI Dock 2?

DJI Dock 2 is compatible with the new Matrice 3D and 3DT series drones, enhancing their capabilities for automated and scheduled missions.