Opening Keynote | NestGen 2022

Dive into the world of drone autonomy. Understand why focusing on modular drone-in-a-box technology is the way ahead.
Nitin Gupta
Achal Negi
Dhiraj Dhule
Baisali Ghosh

CEO-to-CEO Fireside Chat: Effect of COVID-19 in the Drone Autonomy Industry

The world came to a standstill during the pandemic. On the flip side, it kicked off a myriad possibilities for drone autonomy. Find out how.
Dawn Zoldi
Gemma Alcock
Nitin Gupta

Top 10 Do’s while Building a Drone Dock

Familiarize yourself with the must-haves & best practices of designing & engineering reliable & autonomous drone docks.
Havish Bychapur
Amogh Bhagwat

Supercharging Industrial Sites with Drone Docks: The DSP Viewpoint

DSPs serve as the interface between drone-in-a-box engineers & enterprise UAS users. Find out what they learnt scaling & deploying the tech.
Tariq Nasraldeen
Yuji Kuwamizu
Mohamad Shawky
Elia-Ray Salem

Balancing Safety & BVLOS Flights: The Regulatory Dilemma

To conduct long-range drone flights without manual intervention, safety is paramount. Learn how flight regulations are progressing for BVLOS operations.
Jackie Dujmovic

FlytNow AppStore Launch: Develop Your Own Drone Application

Learn how FlytNow is empowering domain experts to connect custom vertical-specific apps into their readymade DiaB platform.
Dhiraj Dhule
Girish Shirke


Witness the launch of the modular drone docking station CounterDome, engineered by Counter Drone.
Shaun N. Jafarian

Why UTMs are Key for Remote Drone Operations

Realize the importance of safely & reliably navigating through aerial traffic while conducting flights without onsite pilots.
Philip Binks

Getting up to Speed: Improving Construction Project Management with Drones

Learn how autonomous drones are being deployed for monitoring progress of construction projects at a commercial level.
Andrew Wycklendt

Hextronics Global Advanced

Latest updates & full walkthrough of the modular battery-swapping drone docking station Hextronics Global Advanced engineered by Hextronics.
Curtis Lary

Airspace Awareness: A Total Necessity to Scale Drone Ops

Constant inflight scouting of the airspace for obstacles is no easy task & can make or break operational permissions. UTMs to the rescue!
Bernd Fastenrath

What’s Trending in the World of Drone Autonomy?

Find out the latest developments in the technology, market segments, policies, and adoption of commercial drone autonomy.
Grant Guillot

Saving Lives while Enhancing Efficiency: Drones for Emergency Response

Discover how public safety teams are doing more with less thanks to the live coverage and superfast response that autonomous drones provide.
Jeremy Schneiderman


Hear the latest & get a full walkthrough of the modular drone docking station IDIPLOYER MP2.3 engineered by idroneimages.
Peter Campbell

Autonomous Drone-Based Monitoring: An Absolute Win for Asset Inspection Teams

Massive, high-value assets are high-maintenance sites. If only there were a system that could help with the 24x7 monitoring they require!
Marcelo Lopez

Future of Public Safety RPAS Automation and BVLOS Operations

Autonomous drones have proved vital for large-scale emergency, search & rescue, and law enforcement operations. Learn what lies ahead.
Charles Werner

Tomorrow’s Security Today: Making the Most of Autonomous Drones

Discover several new ways in which autonomous drones are increasing situational awareness and efficiency of conducting security operations.
Vincent Peña
Daniel Holtsjo


Witness the launch of the modular, battery-swapping drone docking station DBOX, engineered by DRONETEAM.
Dr. Linas Gelažanskas

When Precision Agriculture Meets Autonomous Drones

Find out how autonomous drones are helping make crop yields more profitable and sustainable through systematic data collection & processing.
Darren Raj

Flight over People: How Parachute Recovery Systems are Redefining Safety

Failures can be minimized, but not eliminated. Learn how AVSS are helping make drone crashes virtually harmless with parachute recovery.
Josh Ogden

Earth Observations by Drones for a Sustainable Future

Learn how autonomous, crowdsourced drones are replacing satellites in collecting & scaling HD earth observation data across the globe.
Helena Samsioe

Airscort Mini

Witness the launch of the modular drone docking station Airscort Mini, engineered by Airscort.
Itai Straus

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