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Optimizing remote drone ops with collaborative control, firmware updates, and log management

Optimize remote drone operations with FlytBase's latest in collaborative control, OTA firmware updates, and streamlined log management.

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November 3, 2023

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Scaling enterprise-level remote drone operations brings several challenges—from real-time team communication to hassle-free remote firmware updates and hardware troubleshooting. We are thrilled to unveil new capabilities that are aimed to simplify these issues, enhancing the efficiency, safety, and reliability of your remote flights with DJI Dock.

Remote Team Collaboration for Large-scale Operations & Distributed Teams

When multiple pilots, supervisors, and other roles may be logged in drone flights, clear communication is key. Without it, there's a risk of confusion about who is flying which drone and managing specific payloads.

In large enterprises, miscommunications can quickly spiral into decreased efficiency, compliance issues, and most critically, safety risks.

Discover how mission planning for autonomous drone operations just got easier with FlytBase in our last month's product release update. - September 2023 product release update.

Introducing drone and payload access transfer for robust teamwork

  • See who's online: Organization members can now As an organization member, you can view all members who are online in the drone details, fostering better team collaboration.
  • Visual member count: Get a clearer picture of the online member count complemented by their profile images and roles in the organization, making it easier for you to manage and coordinate.
Visual member count
Visual member count
  • Defined control protocols: To maintain your operational security, we ensure that only one person can control a drone flight at a time, while another can manage its payload.
Defined control protocols:
Defined control protocols:
  • Structured control transfer: For control changes, we've established a clear request and handover process to ensure a smooth transition.
Structured control transfer
Real-time control visibility
  • Real-time control visibility: You can see if a team member initiates an action for the M30 drone or takes control of its payload right away, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

For enterprises managing extensive autonomous drone programs across sites, these capabilities are invaluable for safe, streamlined cooperation between all operators involved in flights.


Simplified M30 Drone and DJI Dock Firmware Updates

Keeping drones and docking stations updated with the latest firmware is essential to leverage new capabilities and performance fixes. But for remote operations, requiring technicians to travel to sites for physical upgrades results in significant downtime and expenses.

Introducing remote firmware upgrades

With our new over-the-air firmware update feature, enterprises can skip the hassle and update devices remotely:

remote firmware
Remote firmware upgrades
  • Initiate updates remotely via the dashboard for both the M30 drone and DJI Dock.
  • Track progress through an intuitive progress bar so you know when the update is complete.

For operators managing vast fleets across dispersed geographical areas, keeping everything updated remotely is a huge efficiency boost and cost-saver.

Streamlined Hardware Troubleshooting

Diagnosing hardware-related issues has traditionally been inconvenient for remote drone teams. Personnel would need to travel to sites to download logs, then transmit them to the manufacturer for troubleshooting - a slow process riddled with inefficiencies.

Introducing Log uploads

With our new log upload capability, operators can skip the frustrating back-and-forth:

  • Directly download logs from the M30 drone and DJI Dock to your PC for simplified access, eliminating the need for on-site visits.
  • Selectively upload specific log files needed for effective troubleshooting.
Log uploads
Log uploads
  • See upload progress visually so you know when it's complete.

For maintenance teams, this streamlined log access translates to faster issue resolution, fewer on-site visits required, and smoother hardware troubleshooting overall.

Want to explore more features for seamless remote work?

Get comprehensive guides on these specific features: Drone and Payload Access Transfer, Remote Firmware Enhancements, and Logs Upload.

Or dive deeper into FlytBase's extensive capabilities by checking out the FlytBase User Manual. If you have missed our previous updates, find out what we've delivered in recent months here

Have questions or feedback on optimizing your autonomous drone operations? Reach out to our team at We're here to guide you every step of the way!

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Neel Sharma

As a Customer Success Associate at FlytBase, Neel is deeply passionate about delivering unparalleled customer experiences and enabling drone dock solutions for businesses. With a history of over 4 years in the drone industry, including 3 dedicated years at FlytBase, Neel proudly wears the badge of a “drone nerd.”

When he’s not immersed in hosting product webinars and being the voice of the customers at FlytBase, Neel can be found finding solace in the great outdoors, engrossed in a captivating book or strumming the strings on his guitar.

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